Why Is My Beer Is Turning Out Sour?


I’ve started home brewing recently and my 2 first batches have turned out very sour and foamy, which to me smells/tastes very much like contamination.

While making the beer I’ve sanitized everything! I’ve washed everything very well, used bleach etc.

The 2nd batch I’ve even double washed everything because I knew my beer is getting contaminated somehow..

Any clues as to why this is happening?


The beer may already be slightly infected when bottled but given the extra time in the bottle the little critters multiply and make it more noticeable.

I would check the bottling equipment (bucket, tubes, etc) make sure they are sanitized as well, be sure to sanitize the bottle caps by boiling them before capping, check the bottles again – be sure they are clean before you sanitize them. Just because you soak them in sanitizer – if they have crud in them it won’t matter.

I would guess the bacteria has probably gotten into the beer before bottling – so maybe change sanitizer and scrub everything out with a good cleaner