What Does An Airlock Look Like?


This might seem like a stupid question but wot does an Airlock look like,I have got various types of equipment like a hydrometer, etc. I don’t know if I have one or not as I don’t know wot it looks like.

Sorry, I’m new to the home-brewing game…


It’s a bit difficult to describe what an airlock looks like. They are made out of plastic and the ones I have are in different shapes.

1 is shaped like a “S” and filled 1/2 way with water. The other is round with what I’ll call a plunger that is dropped in the middle and it is also filled 1/2 with water.

These are placed in the lids of the fermenters to allow the CO2 gases to escape but not to allow O2 & bacteria to enter the vessel. Sometimes you won’t see a lot of action from the airlock because the lid fits loose and the gas escapes from there.

Here are a couple pictures…



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