Ss Brew Bucket – Possibly The Best 5 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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Upgrade your home brewery today with this innovative, Stainless Steel, 7 Gallon Brew Bucket ™Fermenter!  Enjoy the many of the benefits of having a conical fermenter at a cost you are going to love. Made by Ss Brewing Technologies,  polished 304 Stainless Steel Brew Bucket ™ is not just functional it is downright beautiful. We know brewing equipment and we truly believe this is a piece you are going to enjoy using every brew day.

We have used the Brew Bucket a number of times now and one of the most outstanding features we found is that the Brew Bucket can be stacked during fermentation, even if an airlock is attached. We also like the conical bottom, which allows the trub to settle in a concentrated space that minimizes yeast leftovers within your beer. The included Racking Valve is also a brilliant but simple design that allows you to turn the racking arm in the Brew Bucket during fermentation to minimize trub, which provides clear beer when you begin bottling! We also found that the etched volume markers inside the fermenter were very handy letting us know how many gallons had been transferred from the primary.

Is It the best conical fermenter?

The build quality is really amazing for the price. Welds are clean. The lid is strong and the spring-loaded lid flaps are solid. The lid contains a removable, molded silicone gasket that ensures an airtight seal. We love an airtight seal so we can be sure the airlock is working. The welded stainless steel handles make the BrewBucket Fermentor super easy to move. Patent Pending Rotating Racking Valve is also a brilliantly simple design allowing you to rotate the Brew Bucket down during fermentation to minimize turbidity, and later on to get clear beer when racking! Etched Volume Markers on the inside were super handy when filling and displaying in both Liters and Gallons. All of these features make this our favorite for best 5 gallon conical fermenter.

SS Brew Bucket Fermenter features

  • Conical base with rotating filling arm
  • Stackable during fermentation – saves space
  • ⅜” mini ball valve for transfers and gravity samples
  • Wide lid with secure spring clips
  • 17mm connection in the lid for ½” blow-off hose
  • Welded carrying handles
  • Etched volume marks gallons / liter
  • Patent submitted

SS Brew Bucket Fermenter Reviews

The best homebrew fermenter!

I bought the brewmaster version of this bucket directly from the ss brewtech website after becoming sick and tired of handling heavy, slippery and painful carboys. This is by far the best piece of brewing equipment I have ever bought. The only difference between the one I bought and this one above is that mine has a thermowell that is absolutely fantastic and you can order through the SS brewtech. Mine arrived with a broken ball valve. I sent an e-mail to customer service, and a manager responded within minutes with an apology and let me know that a new one with some extras on the way was treats for me for free. The customer service with these guys is second to none. The quality is fantastic. The faulty ball valve was a coincidence, but the quality of its products certainly is not, and I’m definitely looking forward to buying another one.

Love the stainless steel

I really love this product! I have been brewing for 2 years now and just started brewing all-grain. In an effort to improve my fermenting process, I splurged and got this bad boy! Super high quality and well packed! Cleans like a dream! I recently fermented an IPA and while there was a ton of debris stuck tot the side, it came off no problem with some brewers wash powder. Thanks to the conical construction and the rotating tube I had little problems getting this into bottle! I have a second one on my Christmas wish list now, so hopefully I’ll have another to go with this one.