Kegging vs Bottling Beer


I understand that kegging beer can be more convenient vs bottling it. I know it saves times in the process, reduces the need to buy bottles and adds to your beer quality. I also have a freezer that I’m thinking of converting to a keezer but haven’t yet started that project. I also know that bottling can be convenient for many reasons as well. Interested in your thoughts on what you think makes the most sense.


Kegging is much easier and faster than bottling. It is more expensive at first. But if you have the Keezer or some similar setup already, then you’re already halfway home. You need to check your device to find out what kind of kegs it can handle. Perhaps someone at your local brewing store can help solve this for you or if that fails, continue to ask questions here.

Some additional pros for kegging – When you force carb in a keg, your beer will be ready faster. It’s also great to drink a fresh beer. You can dry hop and add fruit, which are both things you can’t do if you bottle. You can also bottle Growlers from the keg as an alternative to bottling, so if you have parties to go to this is far more effective method of sharing your beer or taking it on the go.

Bottling benefits – You can age beer better. You can give away beer and it doesn’ matter if you get the bottle back.

Ultimately, I suggest kegging over bottling, especially if you already have a freezer available to convert into a keezer.