How Can I Tell If Fermentation Has Started?


I am making my first home brew and have added the yest granules to the fermentation bin.

I opened it today, 1 day later and can’t see anything happening. The yeast seems to be floating on top. No bubbles or anything. what should it look like?

I have a feeling that my mix was too cold. will this kill the yeast or will it eventually take?

I have a hydrometer, but I have not used it yet as I think it is to soon to tell if the lager has started. Should I just wait a couple of days?


The best thing to do (in the future) is use a plastic bucket-kit with a hole in the top for an air-lock.

You partly fill the airlock with water and when fermentation starts, the lock starts bubbling every ten seconds or so, within one day.

If you can’t buy this kind of system, you could always take hydrometer readings one day apart and check if there’s a change.

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