This homebrew equipment list is designed to help you understand all of the different tools you’ll need to make your first batch of beer. Purchasing homebrew equipment can be a daunting task and costly if you don’t plan ahead. We’ve heard countless stories of first time brewers that thought they had all of the equipment needed for their first batch and then on brew day realized they were missing things like a scale and a thermometer which can be critical to the brewing process.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Are you looking for a complete all grain brewing system or would you prefer to build your own from scratch? We offer both equipment views below making it easy for you to decide on which path you’d like to take.

While an all grain brewing system is straight forward and requires no thinking other than batch size, the build your own homebrew approach is a little more custom and organized by varying levels of brewing needs i.e. extract vs. all-grain. There is also the cost component too, as it could be cheaper to build a system on your own that will allow you to brew 5-10 gallon batches but saves you half the cost of a full system.

What Else Should You Consider?

Read through all of the options here to see what best suits your needs and remember to consider the cost versus convenience factor. Kegging vs bottling or plate vs immersion chiller are some great examples where this brewing equipment might cost you an extra $100 now, but it will save you a ton of time down the road when you’re completing each of your batches.

We recommend putting a list together along with total cost and then compare against your budget. If you get stuck or have any specific questions, you can contact us here and we’ll be happy to help you with your setup!

Full All Grain Brewing Systems

  • Alpha Ruby Street (15/30 GAL) Brewing Systems
  • PicoBrew System – The first fully automatic all grain beer brewing appliance (2.5 Gal) 
  • The Grainfather (8 Gal)
  • 5 Gallon Igloo Mash System
  • 10 Gallon Igloo Mash System

Build Your Own Brewing System

Required (Extract)

All-grain Equipment

  • Mash Tun with false bottom
  • Mash paddle

Not Absolutely Necessary, But Helpful

  • Wort Chiller
  • Mesh Steeping bag
  • Grain Mill
  • Bottle Lables

Beyond The Basics

  • Aeration
  • Kegs
  • CO2 tank
  • Regulator
  • Tap
  • Starter container (1 or 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask
  • Stir Plate
  • Pump