Best Way To Chill Wort


I am new to brewing and I’m eager to start a Round the World Tripel kit. I am confused on how to cool the wort though. It says that it needs to be cooled to 70 degrees. How long should that take?


Cooling time depends on batch size and method of cooling. If this is your first batch and you don’t have wort chilling equipment you can just place the pot into the sink and surround it with cool tap water…

It cools down to about 115F in about 20 min or so with periodic stirring and water changes.

Obviously, this is a basic method when brewing an average 5 gal boil size. Best way to chill your wort would be investing some money in a wort chiller.  Both plate and immersion chillers are effective and many people with share with you why they think one is better than the other, but they will both typically cool your wort instantly saving you a ton of time in the brewing process.